Website Development

The following are a curated selection of websites created and/or maintained by Ari for educational and professional purposes. These websites serve as examples of Ari’s proficiency in front and back end development. For a complete list of skills please see Ari’s CV.

Dates denote the period for which Ari operated and maintained the website. * denotes sites entirely created by Ari.

Below is a selection of screenshots from the above sites. Please note that these screenshots were taken while these websites were operated by Ari Boyarsky. Ari is not responsible for sites he does not presently operate (as noted above). A website created by Ari to host information about a student run Model United Nations conference at GW. Ari served as the Executive Director of the 18th session of the conference. A website created for an independent GW student run media criticism publication.
International Affairs Society (IAS) Website: This site was created by Ari, while he served on the executive board of the IAS. Created by Ari for Professor Daniel DeWispelare. The site was used to house Dr. DeWispelare's research and is an example of a custom content management system created by Ari. This site was developed by Ari for educational purposes and showcases a custom content management system.